miércoles, 29 de julio de 2009

...Here be nerds, you have been warned...

Reportaje/documental del Comic-Con 2009, por Lerma... enjoy

miércoles, 22 de julio de 2009

...checkin out...and gone!!!

...Dear clients, friends, business asociates and lovers:
I shall will be missin' from july 22 thru the 27 (gone to the comic con), pending work, updates, feel free to e-mail or txt msg, oh, and if your at the con, i recommend you take swing by the Image Comics booth on saturday at 6pm, a good friend and colleague "Lerms" will be present...
see you all on Monday

...Queridos clientes, amigos, socios de trabajo y amantes:
Estare fuera los dias 22 al 27 de julio, me fui al comic con, si hay algun pendiente favor de mandarlo por medio de e-mail o text msg.... si andan por ahi, los invito a darse una vuelta a la mesa de Image comics el sábado a las 6pm, nuestro buen amigo y colega "Lerms" va estar de invitado
nos vemos el lunes

martes, 21 de julio de 2009


I updated the galleries at my "official" website, have a look...
Actualize y agregué algunas cosas nuevas  a las galerias en la página "oficial", date una vuelta...

lunes, 6 de julio de 2009

..Dear Sr. Maquino...

Sr. Maquino will now answer my loyal readers questions:

This one is from Groupie Chinito, Sr. Maquino's most loyal reader:

Dear Sr. Maquino:

a) Do you think we are the only crapy civilization out there in the Universe? and more important, is there a civilization with real superheroes with superpowers?

...The clearest evidence that there IS intelligent life out there, is that no one has tried to contact us...

b) On religion....Is God a man or a woman?

...In MY experience.... a very mean girl...

c) On life...will your all mighty wisdom make us all better human beings (at least your 4 faithfull readers)?

...have you NOT read my past blogs ?...Ok, maybe not BETTER per say, but i'll post some cooking recipes at least you'll have some cookies...

d) On romance...what are the chances that one of us end with a girl as hot as Megan Fox (well, let´s say, a girl with 25% of Megan Fox´s hottness)?

... hotness is not a physical thing, you should try looking beyond the looks and search for a soul-mate, someone that shares your hopes and dreams an.... errr... who am i kidding ?...  slim to non...

Then we got the smartasses:

Dear Sr. Maquino:

You've all of the sudden gotten all emo and decided to jump off a building...then suddenlly your favorite superhero arrives and saves your life, you reflect on the situacion and are grateful your life was saved, but times are hard and the world crisis affects us all. Your hero is charging hard cash for the rescue...it ain't cheap either... and you forgot your wallet, they where in your other suicide pants. My question is: What's your initial reaction?

Bonus points if you say how much you pay...

Chacho of San Ysidro

...First of all, I am deeply shocked that one of my readers would use the term "emo" to describe a suicidal state of mind, I am a firm believer the term "emo" has been deeply distorted and is now used in what i like to call "wussy-pop-punk" or "punk maricon", i urge my readers to look up good "emotional hardcore" bands like Fugazi, Minor Threat and maybe some Sunny Day Real Estate... anyways...my inicial reaction ?.. I jizzed in my pants...and these "bonus points"...what are they good for ?


Dear Sr. Maquino:

is it true what they say, that they say the truth when they're drunk ? i need to know like... now.

Crazy Teflon Brains

... who are these "they" which you speak of ? who are there sources ? how drunk are we talking about here ?...but seriously...by the tone of your comment, i'll go out on a limb and guess you are talking about guys in general, well.... yes, they say the truth, but what you have to take into consideration is it depends on the situation, it can be the truth at the moment...and like 5 minutes later, they changed their minds...it's like a defense mechanism "yeah baby, of course i love you" (yup, they do at that exact second), "i swear im not with anyone else" ('cause they're with you, the other chick is probably waitin' in the car or somethin), it's basically semanthics...

with love, 

Senior Maquino