lunes, 19 de octubre de 2009

...on Music

" can tell a lot about a man's personality by looking at the top artists on his iPod"
- Sigmund Freud 

...on teaching

"... creo que ni YO sacaría una calificación decente en tu clase..."
- Carlos "Lerms" Lerma

Es como el mejor cumplido que he recibido como maestro, si conocen al Lerms, saben que es demasiado engranado en su metodología, investigación, detalle de ilustración, etc.

Funniest things said by students:
* "If I flunk this class, i won't get anything for Christmas" - (Insert the song "You're a mean one Mr. Grinch" while my face smiles sarcastically.)

* "I was really sick, hospitalized...could't finish the proyect" (Insert pictures from local newspaper, events section, from this students birthday party, that same weekend)

* "Radiohead they're a band from the 80's aren't they??" (not so much to do with the class, but it still hurts).

domingo, 18 de octubre de 2009

...on enjoying the little things in life

... So im driving home from lunch, when this skater kid falls of his skateboard right in front of me,  friends pointing and laughing, adding insult to injury i can see the kid's face of horror as i run over his skateboard with my car...

..thanks God, it's those little things i enjoy the most...

*and this other time i was parking my car at a friends yard, and it was dark and i could only hear the poppin' sound of a soccer ball some kids had accidentally kicked into the yard, but could't find anyone home so they could go in and get it...

viernes, 16 de octubre de 2009

...on ironic gods

...bad, horrible night, insomnia, stomach ache, crappy infomercials (i have no cable) and i had to wake up early to be at my class at 7am, anyways so i finally go to sleep, maybe at about 3am, phone rings at bout 5 in the morning, wrong number of course, have to get up around 6, of course i overslept which of course ment i jumped out of bed, and surprise water (cleans face with bottled water and  uses AXE deodorant) time for morning coffe...

...gets in the car, turns on the radio, and what song comes up... "walking on sunshine" by Katrina and the waves...

...I love God's ironic sense of humor, it's his attention to detail I enjoy the most...*

*i have to admit, that on days like these, i feel very humbled and special to know that God takes time out of his busy running-of-the-universe schedule to have a good laugh at my expense...

jueves, 15 de octubre de 2009

...on Housecleaning

..."mmm... why bother with a broom and a mop, when you can just get a water hose and power clean the kitchen floor?? seriously, why hasn't anyone done this before ?!"

(hilarity ensues...)

*insert openin' credits and theme music...'s special sit-com moment is brought to you by Johny Walker, last nights sponsor, keep on walking.

martes, 6 de octubre de 2009

...on life in general

Inner monologue:

...So how would i describe my life right now ?
...It's kind of like that "The Big Bang Theory" Show... without the hot blonde...*

..or the high IQ's and steady jobs...

jueves, 1 de octubre de 2009

...on Chick-flicks*

Overheard while havin' a smoke in the front yard:

Two kids playin' in the house across the street, a boy and a girl probably around 8 years old,  the girl lives there and the kid's parents where aparently visitin so they where outside, she was playin with a flower and he was playing with a football:

Little girl: "he loves me, he loves me not...he loves me....HAAAA!!! YOU LOVE ME, SEE ??!! YOU LOVE ME, YAAAAAYYY !!! (starts runnin' to the kid)...

Boy: "NOOOO !!!  I  DON'T...GET AWAY!!! MOOOOMMM, NOOOO!!! I DON'T!!! NOOOO" (gets in the car)

bout 10 minutes later i heard the car drivin' away and the girl cryin....

Possible scenario 1: This was the beginnin of a chick flick, where the main character is the chick, probably Jennifer Aniston or Drew Barrymore (suggestions accepted) , and while all this is going on you can almost hear the voiceover going "since i was a little girl...i was always looking for..." (and grows up to one of those chicks who always gets dumped or cheated on).

Possible scenario 2: The main character is the kid (played by Matthew Mcconnahey or Robert Downey) , voice over on how this always happened to him, serial womanizer, never into a serious relationship, until he runs into the chick who will teach him a lesson.

Possible scenario 3: When i start imagining things on the street as a movie opener, it means i have to get out more, i'm gonna go watch "The Dark Knight" DVD....good thing i live in a sit-com...

*This post is dedicated to the ladies on my blog roll, cause i know any one of them would walk to the little girl...slap her with a rolled up newspaper and go "NO!!! GET OVER IT, NOW!!! DON'T BEG, NEVER BEG"... and then smack the kid with his football and say "DON'T BE A JERK!!!"