jueves, 3 de junio de 2010

...on "top 5 lists"...

Post dedicated to the old school internet stalkers and their research, keep on stalkin'...

"Top 5 most influencial graphic artists on my work/lifestyle"

5. Jim Davis - Garfield

4. Bill Watterson - Calvin and Hobbes

3. Salvador Dali 

2. Yoshitaka Amano

1. Dave McKean

"Top 5 most influencial/favorite book/series (graphic/illustrate category)"

5. Fables - Willingham/Medina

4. Garfield "Campeón" - Jim Davis

3. Superman: Birthright - Waid/Yu

2. The Crow - James O'Barr

1. Arkham Asylum - Grant Morrison/Dave McKean

"Top 5 most influencial/favorite books (non-illustrated category)"

5. Great short stories - Mark Twain

4. High Fidelity - Nick Hornby

3. Fahreinheit 451 - Ray Bradbury

2. "The Dark Tower" Series - Stephen King

1. Peter Pan - J.M. Barrie

"Top 5 favorite/most influencial music Lp's"*

5. "Yui" - Childs

4. "Music for a Darkened Theather" - Danny Elfman

3. "The Dark Side of the Moon" - Pink Floyd

2. "Purple" - Stone Temple Pilots

1. "Achtung Baby!" - U2

*From which my top 5 fav songs"

5. "Ian P" - Childs

4. "Edward Scissorhands theme" - Danny Elfman

3. "Comforably Numb" - Pink Floyd

2. "Interstate love song and/or Big Empty" - Stone Temple Pilots

1. "One" - U2

"Top 5 All time favorite Movies (Live Action)"

5. Mirrormask

4. Great Expectations

3. The Dark Knight

2. The Big Fish

1. Hook

"Top 5 All time favorite Movies/Series (Animated)"

5. Vampire Hunder D: Bloodlust

4. Robotech (The original Macross Saga)

3. Final Fantasy: Advent Children

2. Unico in the Island of Fantasy

1. Fooley Cooley

Top 5 heroes (fictional):

5. Eric Draven - The Crow

4. Edward Bloom

3. Darth Vader

2. Batman

1. Superman

Top 5 heroes/role models  (living or dead)

5. Afro-ninja

4. Mark Twain

3. J.M Barrie

2. H. Bogart

1. Bob Dylan


"Top 5, all-time favorite babes (existing ones)"

5. Tina Fey

4. Jennifer Connolly

3. Kate Beckinsdale

2. Rachel Welch

1. Sophia Loren

"Top 5 Artists, not that influencial, but i'm really into right now (graphic arts category)"

5. Bruce Timm

4. Ed Mcguiness

3. Andy Kubert

2. Charles Glaubitz

1. Ragnar

*feel free to ask any new categories.

miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010

"the suit paradox" by roberto gutiERREZ...

Errez: ejem...

"the suit paradox" by roberto gutiERREZ...

*clears throat... friends wedding in 3 months...I only own 1 suit...doesn't quite fit anymore, "The suit paradox: to cheap to buy a new one...too lazy to get in shape..."

3 months, just right about enought time to either get in better shape, loose some weight...also just enough time to save up some money to buy a new suit...

Lerms: get in shape = could save on food but money saved, will be spent on other stuff, since suit will not be a problem then again save for suit = less money for food so, buy a suit, you'll lose weight, rendering new suit useless

Errez: see the paradox ?

Lerms: pro: losing weight = save money AND make you look prettier for girls, EVEN prettier i mean...so, higher chances of scoring at wedding at no additional cost of suit

Errez: Assuming, girls actually talk to me, but then my "charming personality" could render the "getting in shape" thing all together... creating a whole new other paradox ...

..complete silence....

*insert opening credits...