jueves, 29 de abril de 2010

"The Great Southern Colonies Flood"

From the "Great Nerdonian Royal Hall of Historic Records, Graphic Novels and Comic Books 

"The Great Southern Colonies Flood"

Every April 29th. Nerdonians celebrate "The Great Southern Colonies Flood", a National Holiday, that is to be taken very seriously, for on this day the settlers of the oldest colony of Nerdonia woke up to discover that the water damn holding the water reserves of the village had been destroyed, flooding the entire community, and almost destroying many of they're most cherished belongins.

...But may the records show the words "Almost destroyed", if it weren't for the valiant and quick thinking by the Colonial Leader, who almost without thinking, and with no regard to his own life, quickly ran to the central comunications and library,  rescuing our most beloved treasure...."knowledge"... "We could survive without shelter, but not without knowledge, we can rebuild walls, but not wisdom".

... The colony quickly worked together, assuring the most important things be taken to higher ground,  human-made canals assured the water would run the best course out of the territorial limits.

... Since even in times of great disaster Nerdonians have bowed to continue they're economic activities, a quick shelter was created in the highest grounds of the colony, the communication antena and server was quickly re-instaled, and the foreign aid was quick to act, this causing a small rise in the national debt, but nesesary non the less... this resulted in the colony being without water for most of the week, but also giving birth to the "we don't shower, cause we don't go out anyways" celebration held on that same evening...

...On the next day, the lord of the colony was to meet with the remaining nerd council in the surroundings of what was once the Capital of Nerdonia "Cooltropolis"... lost in an invasion, but with a small resistance living by....but that my friends...is a story for another time....

Translation: my damn water heater broke while i was asleep,  my house got flooded, and the first thing I did was run to check on my macbook and comic books...*snort

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