jueves, 18 de junio de 2009

Music Corner - Summer edition

Damn you high fidelity and your lists !!!*

...top 5 songs that remind me summer is here, in no particular order (click on the title for a link to the video):

with that happy guitar riff, endeless summer days talkin' bout music at the "home studio", and the video always made us go get icicles and ice cream.

Reminds me of 'chillin out at the beach after surfin'... most of the time,  my friends surfed and i chilled out.

er....no need to explain...

Perfect first song on a sountrack for a road trip

I hope in 30 years i can kick back some brews with this on the stereo...

*What are yours ?

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Jamiroquai? really?
que suave hahaha