lunes, 9 de febrero de 2009

25 Random Facts...

I was tagged in Facebook, by Yaya, who also tagged Lerms, who instead of taggin' in facebook posted in on his blog...seems like a good idea, since I don't use facebook that often...


1. I've never done drugs...nothin', not even pot.
2. Before puberty, i had a reaaaally squeaky voice, and i mean really, when i answered the phone they'd mistake me for my sister (for those of you who know my sister knows the sounds like a squirrel sometimes, and those who have heard me talk, know why this is a big deal...).
3. I can't sleep without doing that "catholic cross sign" thing (persinarse), childhood trauma, tell you bout it later.
4. My favorite all time song is "ONE" by U2, its included in the album "Achtung Baby!!", also my all time favorite album.
5. I'm lactose intolerant.
6. I can't make bubbles with gum, i know the basics, the technique and all...but have never been able to actually do it...bubbles i mean.
7. I've never cheated on a girl.
8. My favorite all time book is "Peter Pan" by J.M. Barrie...yes, the original one, I hate the Disney version.
9. I have "semiautistic memory", a term invented by a friend...i can remember quotes, complete dialogues from cartoons, books, situations, what people where wearing, dates, but can't remeber what i did yesterday...
10. I'm Roberto Gutierrez III. (the third).
11. I'm a pretty good cook, i mean, good, not quesadillas and stuff...i mean fancy stuff.
12. I'm a rules and schedule freak, by following the rules is... not parking in handycapped spaces, no u turns, won't cut in lines, won't lie on an application, wont bribe cops, etc.
13. I believe in karma, big time.
14. I HATE Leonardo Dicaprio, and i don't know why...he makes pretty good movies...but i'll hate them.
15. I'm a pretty decent Bass player...and i mean playin' some chili peppers songs decent.
16. My favorite drink is Tequila.
17. I cant pronounce "refrigerator" or "regularily".
18. I have a "simian line" on my left hand...look it up.
19. My blood type is O negative.
20. My favorite food is "Chiles rellenos y garnachas".
21. I've never gotten into a fist fight in my life.
22. Once, i ate half a box of twinkies and got sick for 3 days, i was 28 years old.
23. In highschool, i gave a guy a large amount of laxatives, for fun...he didn't know..a good time was had by all.
24. I use contact lenses, blind as a bat.
25. I have 3 girls chained up in my basement, who i use for my personal amusement.

4 comentarios:

teflon brains dijo...

*waiting for the childhood drama story*

anika dijo...

tambien quiero saber la historia

Capi dijo...

Jajajajajaja, yo lo que más quiero ver es a las rucas encadenadas, deberías de cobrar un dólar por verlas, o comprar un elefante como Stampy y ya tienes un parque de diversiones. Un abrazo.

Aldebarán dijo...

damn! about the 3rd, yo también tenía ese trauma de persinarme antes de dormir, me deshice de él (it wasn´t easy by the way), algo nos programaron las monjas!!
también, la neta, odiaba a di caprio, hasta que lo respeté por sus últimas movies...
de acuerdo con el guayaba, fotos de las nenas encadenadas...