lunes, 23 de febrero de 2009

Top 10 heroes...

Jumpin' on the bandwagon ... (the next blog list entry gauntlet was thrown by ben), and looking for an excuse to stall working, here's a list of my top 10 fictional heroes...
I recommend listening to some epic metal tunes while readin' , perhaps some dream theater...or some classical john williams...

10. Rick Blaine (From Casablanca)
Yvonne: Where were you last night?
Rick: That's so long ago, I don't remember.
Yvonne: Will I see you tonight?
Rick: I never make plans that far ahead.
- smoothness, new role model...I has it

9. Naota Nandaba
From Fooley Cooley, Anime, 'cause all guys have a Mamimi and a Haruko in our lives.

8. Piccolo
From baddest MoFo villain, to one of the best allies the good guys could have, without loosin' that edge.

7. Guy Montag
From Ray Bradbury's "Farenheit 451" a sci-fi novel, in a future were books are ilegal, because reading leads to thinking, and thinking leads to unhapiness, this guy's metamorphosis is illustrated throughout the book and who presents the dystopia through the eyes of a loyal worker to it, a man in conflict about it, and one resolved to be free of it.

6. Cloud Stryfe (Final Fantasy VII)
From loner mercenary , to breaking free from his past, to becoming a hero and getting the chick. all the elements from a hero's journey

5.The Crow
This antihero, was born from personal tragedy, joy division and Edgar Allan Poe
"It is not death if you refuse it" - Eric Draven
Determination, this guy had it

4. Edward Bloom
"I've been nothin' but myself since the day I was born, and if you can't see that it's your failin', not mine. " the first time you see how the story of his life actually ends....damn. he set the whole thing up. 

3. Darth Vader
From baddest MoFo in the galaxy, to saving the universe in the ultimate sacrifice, there's nothing the audience enjoys more than

2. Batman
In Grant Morrison's first storyline in JLA, Superman describes Batman as "the most dangerous man on Earth," able to defeat a team of super powered aliens all by himself in order to rescue his imprisoned teammates.

1. Superman
"It is a remarkable dichtonomy. In many ways, Clark is the most human of us all superheroes, then... he shoots fire from the skies and it is difficult not to think of him as a God. And how fortunate we are that it does not occur to him" - Batman

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Aldebarán dijo...

A huevo!
Definitivamente tengo que ver esas movies oldies, buenos diálogos has puesto de ellas.
Ahh el señor Piccolo, uno de los más grandes, aunque también el cambio de Vegeta fue otro pedo, pero supongo que tuviste que decidir entre los dos. Y Batman, hell yeah! buena imagen la que pusiste de él.
Te falta la de los villanos compita.

Anita Mejía dijo...

tienes 4 de mis heroes favoritos!