lunes, 26 de enero de 2009

My top 10 broads...

Jumpin' on the bandwagon pretty late in the game... (see Lerms and Ben's list), and looking for an excuse to stall working, here's a list of my top 10 broads...
(I recommend listening to "Like a friend" by Pulp while readin' to get the right mood..)

1. Sophia Loren... that's a woman right there, not a girl...that was one classy lady (she makes me feel like throwing out my comic book collection, growin' a mustache and gettin' a real job)

2. Rachel Welsh.. Vintage, I think she's about .001 less hot than Sophia.

3. Kate Beckinsdale... besides being naturally hot, she knows how to take care of a nerd, if you've ever seen her at comic con you know what i'm talking about. (and i would't have to throw out my comic book collection).

4. Jennifer Connolly... Classy, so classy (AND she was in a movie with Muppets AND David Bowie, how cool is that ?!)

5. Tina Fey... nerd's dream come true, let's watch SNL together...

6. Angie Everheart...evil redhead, the kind of chick who'll walk all over you, and you'll like it...(yup, this one was just the visual eye candy factor)

7. Laura Prepon... redhead #2 on the list...she must like beer...(true, maybe its just the "Donna" thing from "That 70's show" but i don't care...she can drink with me anytime.
8. Kate Walsh...sophisticated...she can cure you with her sexyness...rawrrr

9. Carla Gugino... Another classy dame, pretty AND she's also in Watchmen

10. Bruce the hell ?! who wha ?! (Call me, its not a gay thing, its a heteroadmiration thing).

Obvious Snubs: Megan Fox she don't exist, she was digitally created to appear in movies, either that or she's the devil, i dont want anymore problems... and Scarlett Johanson, i loved you back in Lost in translation, but lost me afterwards.

IMPORTANT: If you feel you or someone you know has been unfairly excluded from this list, please send me a 8x10" color print and a short explanation what makes you deserve and what are you willing to do to have the privilege of being on my list. (money, chocolates and booze won't hurt your chances either).

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Capi dijo...

Realmente yo envidio a Ron Jeremy, un gordo calvo que se pinta la calva con spray negro que se cene a Jenna es un dios.